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Exoclipse 2017: Exploring New Worlds In the Shade

August 20-24, 2017


Please note: The Exoclipse Conference is geared toward professional astronomers. Boise State will host events for the public related to the eclipse, and if you’re interested in learning more, sign up for e-mail announcements here.

Exoclipse is an exoplanet conference designed to shed light on the growing population of known planets on wide orbits. Topics include discovery strategies, nascent population statistics, formation mechanisms, the planetary initial mass function, and connections to other populations of planets in short and moderate periods. We will discuss instrumentation and observing strategies for detecting and characterizing the planets, including ground-based and space-based coronagraphy, long-term RV monitoring, and microlensing and transit work from the ground and space. We will explore the possibility of discovering extrasolar analogs to Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and assess how observations can discriminate between formation models of wide-orbit planets.

Hosted by Boise State University, the conference spans five days (2017 Aug 20-24) and includes a trip to view the total solar eclipse on Aug 21. Friends and family are welcome to attend the eclipse-viewing, although space will be limited.

Attendees are advised to book their rooms early since the reserved block may not be large enough to hold everyone and Boise hotels may book up for the eclipse.

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David Bennett (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) – SOC Chair
Aki Roberge (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Beth Biller (University of Edinburgh)
Bruce Macintosh (Stanford University)
Charles Beichman (California Institute of Technology)
Hannah Jang-Condell (University of Wyoming)
Jonathan Fortney (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Sarah Dodson-Robinson (University of Delaware)
Stan Metchev (University of Western Ontario)

Brian Jackson (Boise State University) – LOC Chair
Angelle Tanner (Mississippi State University)
Christian Marois (NRC-Herzberg)
Christine Chang (Boise State University)
Daryl Macomb (Boise State University)
Tiffany Watkins (Boise State University)

Contact with questions.