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Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Instrumentation center (NABIC)

The Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Instrumentation center (NABIC) is a recharge and service center unit created for the primary purpose of providing services, or a group of services to internal and external users. The center currently houses a multi-user X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) system. The Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Instrumentation center includes laboratory space in the multipurpose classroom facility MPCB-309. The Director of this recharge center is Dr. Alex Punnoose, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Physics.

NABIC is also closely connected with Condensed Matter and Nanomaterials Lab (CMNL) where other nano material synthesis and characterization tools such as X-ray diffraction system, RF plasma sputter tool, advanced thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA), vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM), physical property measurements system(PPMS), UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer and many other small tools are available. Research equipment in CMNL are not set up as multi-user facilities currently. However, they can be used on a collaborative basis.

Please contact Dr. Madhu Kongara, Manager of NABIC for more information.